Citizen Sleeper’s Second DLC, Refugee, Arrives in October

Citizen Sleeper, the cyberpunk, RPG game, has proven to be a smash hit since its release in March 2022 by one-man development studio, Jump Over the Age. As a part of the games development, Citizen Sleeper will be getting three DLC updates to continue the quests and storylines and introduce further characters to the game — something that Gareth Damian Martin, the developer behind the game, has never done before.

With the first DLC, Flux, having been released in July, Gareth Damian Martin has announced that the second DLC, which is titled Refugee, has been given a release date of October 27. The seocnd DLC connects intrinsically with the first, which introduced new characters and naerrarive choices, the second DLC will expand on the story of the refugee flotilla and their position within the wider Helion System.

Alongside the DLC announcement, it has been announced that there will be another character introduced with the DLC, Sol. Sol is described as being the Captain of the Pilgrim Seed, the largest ship within the refugee flotilla. Those who have already played the game, specifically the first DLC, Flux, will be aware that Sol is journying from Ember’s Hearth, the largest moom of the gas giant, Ember.

Based off the details given about the release, and the short synopsis, Captain Sol is expected to play a huge part of the DLC and is expected to be an intrinsic character. You can find the synopsis below:

A strange event sends ripples through the communities of the Eye. Enter the refugee flotilla to try and understand this new threat and help the refugees stabilise their communities.”

The Citizen Sleeper DLC Roadmap (Credit: Jump Over the Age).
The Citizen Sleeper DLC Roadmap (Credit: Jump Over the Age).

As with the first DLC, Refugee will be available across all platforms that currently support the game — that is, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch — and will also be free to download and enjoy.

There are currently no known details about the third release, other than it is expected sometime in 2023.

Written by Luke Rigby

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