Elite Returns for Season 5. How Did Season 4 End?

It’s finally time, Las Encinas has returned to our screens as Elite Season 5 finally drops. As season 5 returns, and so do our favourite characters, we thought it would be useful to recap what exactly happened to our characters during Elite season 4.

The last two seasons of Elite have dramatically shook the lives of our characters. At the end of season 3, we saw the death of Polo and the exit of some of our favourite characters — mainly Carla, Lu, and Nadia. Season 4 brought a raft of new characters to the show, but this was just the beginning as season 5 has also brought new characters.

Warning: Spoilers for season 4 of Elite below.

What happened to Guzman in Season 4 of Elite?

Season 4 of Elite is a very difficult time for Guzman. He and Nadia are living in two different countries and attempting a long-distance relationship; things are made difficult by the time difference which makes contact complex.

Guzman and Nadia eventually come to the conclusion that the time-difference is making things to difficult for the two and as a result, Guzman ends the relationship. Simultaneously, this is fuelled by Guzman’s interest in newcomer Ari, who also seems interested in him.

Things between Guzman and Ari are complicated, however, when it becomes clear that she is also having relations with Guzman’s friend, Samuel. This causes Guzman to distance himself from both Samuel and Ari, finding himself alone and lonely.

At the end of Elite Season 4, Guzman is forced into a difficult situation when Ari is in danger at the hands of Armando. He is forced to kill Armando to save Ari and, with the help of his friends from Las Encinas, they cover up the murder.

Guzman tidies things up with Ari, citing that he accepts that she loves Samuel. He later leaves Las Encinas behind to travel the world with Ander to get over his actions.

What happened to to the Ander and Omar’s relationship?

Ander’s journey doesn’t get any easier in season 4 of Elite. After battling cancer in season 3, things become more difficult for him when he finds himself caught in a love triangle.

Ander wishes to stay faithful to Omar, who he loves very much, but finds himself attracted to Patrick, one of the new students at Las Encinas. Ander approaches Omar with an open mind and asks if he would be interested in a threesome, and Omar surprisingly agrees — you do you, huns.

Patrick begins to cause tension between Omar and Ander, however, when he begins hooking up with them on a separate basis without the other present. This causes Ander and Omar to break up temporarily whilst they figure out if they are still in love anymore.

At the end of the season, Ander and Omar are reunited in the love they share for one another. Ander eventually leaves Las Encinas along with Guzman to travel the world.

What happened to Rebeka and Mencia in Season 4?

Mencia and Rebe sit together (Source: Netflix)
Mencia and Rebe (Source: Netflix)

Mencia is one of the newcomers to Las Encinas, but also the problem daughter or Benjamin. She and Rebeka (Rebe) begin hanging out, but Rebe eventually distances herself from Mencia after she finds out who she is and that Samuel and Omar’s status at the school is in danger.

Mencia is seena s the problem daughter by her father and also her sister, Ari. Mencia eventually begins sleeping with a high-end prostitute at the club who pays for her a room and buys her nice things. Mencia continues to sleep with him in exchange for money, but this is eventually discovered by Benjamin who questions her about it.

Eventually, Rebe and the others find out about Mencia’s relations with Armado, and this causes a rift between the two. They eventually get over it, however, and their relationship is saved. They begin dating officially not long after.

What happened to Samuel in Season 4 of Elite?

Season 4 of Elite throws an immediate spanner into the works for Samuel. There is a new principal at Las Encinas, Benjamin, who has been appointed to turn the school around given all of the bad press they’ve been recieving. Benjamin is concerned that both Samuel and Omar do not belong at the school, however, and forces them to take an entrance exam to prove they are worthy of their scholarship.

Samuel is successful in the exam and passes with flying colours, meaning that he is free to stay out the terms of his scholarship at Las Encinas.

When new girl Ari comes to the school (who also happens to be Benjamin’s daughter), Samuel seems interested immediately, given his girlfriend Carla left at the end of season 3. Samuel sleeps with Ari at his towel party, but she pushes him away the following morning. Simultaneously, she is also having relations with Guzman, which causes a rift between Samuel and Guzman.

At the end of the season, Ari finally decides that she is in love with Samuel. Samuel fixes his relationship with Guzman before his departure, but it is unclear what the future holds for Samuel and Ari.

What happened to Ari in Season 4 of Elite?

Ari is also one of the newcomers who arrives at Las Encinas after the departure of our beloved characters. She is also the daughter of the new principal, Bejamin.

Immediately after her arrival, Ari takes an interest in Guzman and joins the swimming team. A unique opportunity arises for Guzman as he begins manipulating Ari in order to convince her to get her father to allow Omar and Samuel to stay at Las Encinas.

Ari eventually begins toying with both Guzman and Samuel and cannot make her mind up which one she wishes to date. She begins having relations with them both, but sees Samuel as beneath her given he is not wealthy. She eventually goes to the Prince’s Ball with Guzman byher side. Despite the feeling that Samuel is beneath her, she gains feelings for him (we saw that coming) and begins sleeping with him whilst dating Guzman — naughty, naughty!

As season 4 of Elite draws to a close, Ari gets into a complicated situation with Armado and ends up being pushed into the pool behind the lake club. Guzman is forced to kill Armado to keep her safe, but it becomes unclear if she will make it after she is rushed to hospital. Thankfully, she dopes make it and explains that Armado was the perpetrator.

What happened to Cayetana and Phillipe in Season 4?

Cayetana and Phillipe grow closer (Source: Netflix)
Cayetana and Phillipe grow closer (Source: Netflix)

Cayetana struggles in season 4 a lot. She is working as a janitor at Las Encinas but remains friends with the students there. She eventually grows close with a new transfer to the school, Prince Phillipe. Their relationship seems to start of well, and Phillipe doesn’t judge her for being a janitor.

Things become difficult, however, when Cayetana finds video recordings on his computer of him having sex with women. Phillipe tells her that it is his only way to prove the hook-up was consentual, and this weirds her out a litte.

Phillip eventually makes his move on Cayetana and tries to have sex with her without her consent. He tries numerous times to force himself on her but she blatantly refuses and pushes him away. This causes issues for the two and their relationship. Eventually, she takes Ari’s advice and leaves Phillipe for good, but the two remain on talking-grounds.


There you have it, your one stop guide to everything that unfolded on the last season of Elite. What did you think of season 4? Let us know on Twitter!

You can catch Elite season 5 over on Netflix, here.

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