Joseph Morgan Confirms He is Set to Appear in the Legacies Finale

Things are quickly approaching the finish line for The CW‘s Legacies, which is set to end on June 16 after four seasons. Recently, however, an unexpected, but nonetheless welcome character has announced they will star in the series finale to say their last goodbyes — not just to Legacies, but to the universe they helped build and shape over the last seventeen seasons.

Joseph Morgan, the actor who played Klaus Mikaelson on both The Vampire Diaries and then its spin-off, The Original, has revealed that he will reprise the role of Klaus Mikaelson once again in the upcoming finale of Legacies. In a short but sweet Instagram Live on June 9th, Morgan revealed that his character will return albeit only for a “fleeting moment”.

Joseph goes on to explain that the Vampire Diaries Universe was never about a ship for him, nor Klaus, but about the bond of family and the power that grants you — after all, Klaus seems to be heading Elijah’s message that “family is power, Niklaus”.

A couple of things right now. You are going to see Klaus again, in the final ever episode of Legacies. Just for a fleeting moment. That’s it. You heard it here first. And I’ll tell you something else, and I know a lot of you probably don’t like this – this was never ever about a ship for me, or for Klaus. This is about family. Family is power. This is about a father and his daughter. Their relationship.

Joseph Morgan

Who is Klaus Mikaelson?

Joseph Morgan's character, Klaus Mikaelson, dies in The Originals (Credit: The CW)
Joseph Morgan’s character, Klaus Mikaelson, dies in The Originals (Credit: The CW)

Joseph Morgan first appeared as Klaus in the second season of The Vampire Diaries as the infamous Original vampire seeking to create more hybrids and bringing chaos wherever he went. Morgan enjoyed a recurring role in the second season but was promoted to a main cast member in the third and fourth season in which the plot revolved around his character a little bit more.

Morgan later joined the cast of The Originals as one of the titular characters after departing The Vampire Diaries in its fourth season. Morgan’s character eventually came to an end in the finale of The Originals when he and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) sacrificed themselves to save Hope’s life.

Given the fact that Klaus essentially died permanently via the white oak stake in The Originals, it does raise questions about how he will appear. Given Morgan’s remark that his appearance will be fleeting, we don’t expect to see him return “alive”, but probably in the afterlife or something akin to this. Who knows, though, anything could happen.

The announcement of Joseph Morgan’s return comes after months of Morgan shooting down the idea of his return to the universe, citing that he hadn’t seen or been in contact with the cast of The Vampire Diaries for several years, and told fans that they should stop looking for hidden messages. Interestingly, the first letter of each word in the tweet spelt out “FINALE”, so it seems the plan for Joseph to return in the finale has long been in motion.

You can catch the finale of Legacies on the CW, June 16 9/8c.

Written by Luke Rigby

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