When Will Squid Game Season 2 Air? Release Window Teased

Squid Game was an international success for Netflix at launch in 2021 and now, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has teased the release window for season 2. The dystopian thriller originates from South Korea and follows a group of ordinary people competing in deadly and dangerous games with the hopes of winning a huge cash prize.

At launch in 2021, Squid Game became Netflix’s most watched show in over 90 countries within the first 10 days of its release. Within the first month, Netflix anticipates over 1 billion hours of the show were watched.

What Happened at the End of Season 1

Squid Game season 1 was a hell of a ride, with a very big twist at the end. We saw numerous games played, characters killed, and a lot more. In the sixth episode, viewers see the players as they navigate the fourth round, in which pairs play a simple game of marbles — the catch? Only one player from each pair can survive.

Gi-hun pairs himself with Player 001, the frail, old man suffering from dementia. He is forced to make a choice between the possibility of Player 001 winning the game fair, or cheating to ensure that he lives given Player 001’s dementia will kill him eventually. Whilst torn, Gi-hun eventually choses to cheat and save himself, and believes Player 001 to have been killed as a result of losing the game.

Two Players Play the Game of Marbles (Source: NETFLIX)
Two Players Play the Game of Marbles (Source: NETFLIX)

A whole year after winning the game, however, Gi-hun receives an invitation to a high-rise building in the city. Inside, he finds Player 001 very much alive but close to death from his brain tumour. It is revealed that Player 001 is actually the host of the game and a very wealthy man. Player 001 explains that in order to feel joy again, he recreates games from his childhood. Shortly after their meeting, Player 001 dies from his condition. Whilst we didn’t see it coming, it makes sense that he was the host of the game. After all, he was “Player 001”.

A further year passes by and Gi-hun is seen in the future. He is rather wealthy, but has chosen not to use any of the money; instead, it gathers dust in a savings account. Meanwhile, Gi-hun calls the number of the Squid Game operators, citing that he will return to unmask the people running the game.

When Will Season 2 Release?

Season 2 of Squid Game was confirmed back in 2021 after the initial success of the show. Little details have been made public up until now, however, about when exactly the show will return. Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, however, has recently revealed to Vanity Fair that the plot is very much in development and we can expect the season season to return in 2023 or 2024.

Hwang went on to reveal that at present, there are only 3 or so pages of ideas about what will happen in the second season, and reiterates that he is still in talks with Netflix over the second season.

We’re hopeful that the second season will be just as good as the first, and will present opportunities for even more games to play out. Little is known regarding what will happen, though, but we anticipate that season 2 will be quite successful for Netflix if Hwang can repeat the excellent writing and storyline of season 1.

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