What is Outside the Silo? Silo Episode 10 Recap & Ending

Juliette has been trying her hardest for the latter half of the first season of Silo to access the hard drive and get insight into what exactly it was the George found that concerned him. In the previous episode, The Getaway, she finally was able to access it with the help of Danny, and found that the Outside is not what it appeared to be.

Now, we’ve reached the finale of the first season and most of our questions—and hypothesis—have been solved. Let’s dive into the final episode and discuss what we found out, and what we didn’t.

The Truth about the Outside

When Juliette finds the video clip, she realises that she must show the video to everyone. With the help of Danny, she uses a signal booster to sync the video from the hard drive to every computer screen within the Silo—including those in Judical. Bernard, Sims, and the other IT technicians in Judicial watch as this happens, before Bernard orders them to look away and reboots the Silo’s computer system. It isn’t made clear who actually saw the video, but a good number of people must have given the scale at which it was distributed.

Sims sends raiders after Bernard realises that Juliette is using the trash chute to get around. The raiders are ordered to knock her down the chute and in a shocking turn of events, she is forced to free-fall to the bottom of the chute, where she ends up in recycling. Thankfully for her, she has some friends in recycling and they help her out, but not before Knox informs Judical about her location.

Bernard, Sims, and Judicial raiders eventually come to collect Juliette, and the hard drive is destroyed. Bernard offers Juliette a deal: if she goes out to clean, he will leave all of her friends in Mechanical alone. Bernard will also explain to her what happened to George. She agrees to this and is put into shackles.

George’s Truth

The whole of the Silo watches in what can only be described as an embarrasing moment for Juliette as she is taken up the stairs to level twenty. When they arrive, she is taken into Judicial’s control room. Juliette is shocked, and remarks that they never stood a chance, to which Bernard confirms. Shortly after, he shows Juliette the CCTV footage of George‘s death, where she is forced to witness as George jumps from the railings of the Silo to his death. Juliette is taken into holding shortly after.

Meanwhile, Martha has finally mustered up the strength to leave her apartment in the Deep Down and visits Carla, who works in Supply. She asks about the tape that is used to seal the suits when someone is sent out to clean. At this point, questions are arising over the tape and what this has to do with survival Outside.

After Pete visits Juliette, Shirley visits and hands her a box which contains a note from Martha, telling her that the people in Supply are good at what they do. Afterwards, Bernard visits and gives Juliette a long speech about the Founders and the Silo, highlighting that he must keep the Silo running and safe.

Juliette Goes Outside

The Outside is littered with other Silo's.
Several Silo’s can be seen surrounding the Silo (Credit: Apple TV+)

After the long speil about the survival of the Silo, Juliette is dressed in her suit and Bernard reads her the speech given to everyone who goes out to clean. Many gather in the cafeteria (including Martha) to witness Juliette going out to clean.

Ascending the stairs of the Silo, Juliette exits into the outside world, a lush, verdant greenland. Momentarily, however, she realises that what she is seeing is an exact replica of the video she found on the hard drive and as a result, realises that the visor is a lie. She is being shown a false reality. Before she can go any further, however, it appears that the poison air is taking effect as Juliette begins to stumble. She quickly realises that Martha was right, and the people in Supply have done their job; her suit is safe from the poison. Juliette places the Sheriff’s badge on Holston’s body, which she cannot see due to the visor. This further cements her knowledge that the visor is a lie and, is a point in which Bernard realises that Juliette knows the visor is projecting a false reality. Just at this minute, the visor begins to flicker and Juliette sees the reality for a short moment of time. Simultaneously, Bernard rushes to the server room of the Silo.

The episode winds down as the visor eventually turns off—possibly due to Bernard, but also perhaps she is too far from the Silo for the video to project. With this, Juliette sees the reality: the air is toxic and the Outside is a baron wasteland, void of life and unable to support human life. As the screen pans, we are shown that there are several dozen Silo’s, possibly all able to support thousands of people.

As the episode abruptly ends, we are left with several questions: what are the buildings in the distance? How many Silo’s are there? Also, what did Bernard do in the server room? Did he switch of the visor, or did he alert the other Silo’s that someone is outside and knows what they are hiding?

Written by Luke Rigby

Luke has been writing television and movie recaps for years. He enjoys writing about CW shows in particular and media released on demand rather than on live TV. He is from the UK, so coverage is iffy.

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