When Will Season 2 of “Only Murders In the Building” Air?

It’s hard to deny that Only Murders In the Building was a smash hit when it hit our screens on Hulu and Disney+ in fall of 2021. It is no surprise that fans are asking when Only Murders In the Building season 2 is likely to drop.

Written by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, the series follows the friendship of three New Yorkers all living within the same apartment complex when they’re forced to solve a murder within their building. The show boasted elements of true-crime, wholesome chemistry and a boat load of comedy.

How did season 1 of Only Murders In the Building end?

At the end of Only Murders In the Building season 1, it was revealed that Jan was actually responsible for the death of beloved Tim Kono (Julian Cihi). Fans were shocked, however, when it was revealed that Kono’s death wasn’t the only murder in the building — now, Kono’s neighbour Bunny is dead, and it appears that Mabel might be held accountable.

As the final episode of season 1 winds down, Mabel is caught with literal blood on her hands and is the prime suspect in Bunny’s murder.

When will season 2 of Only Murders In the Building be released?

It has already been confirmed by Karey Burke, the president of 20th Television, that the show will return for a second season. It’s definitely good news for fans of the show, who will see the return of Arconia’s favourite residents.

The comedy this team delivered has been the obsession of every executive at this studio, and our friends at Hulu have treated it like the crown jewel that it is. And now, thanks to the incredible audience response, we are so happy to say there will be more murders in the building—which is great news for everyone, except perhaps the residents of the Arconia.

Karey Burke (Source: Thrillist)

Only Murders In the Building season 2 is expected to return sometime in 2022. Stars of the show confirmed that filming of the show began sometime in November 2021, and it seems as though a large portion of the show had been filmed by January 2022.

We’re expecting the standard line-up of a 10-episode season when season 2 does drop, which is the same amount as the first season.

It was later teased during the 2022 Oscars that a possible release date for Only Murders In the Building season 2 is June 28, 2022.

Which cast members will return for season 2?

We’re expecting the majority of the cast from the first season to return — that’s if they’re not dead, of course. This means Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short will reprise their roles as Charles-Haden Savage, Mabel Mora, and Oliver Putnam respectively.

Aaron Dominguez is expected to return as Mabel’s friend Oscar, whilst Da’Vine Joy Randolph will reprise her role as Detective Williams. John Hoffman, the showrunner, confirmed that Tina Fey will reprise her role as Cinda Canning, whilst Nathan Lane and James Caverly return as Teddy and Theo Dimas.

Unsurprisingly, there are some new cast members joining Only Murders in the Building season 2, with the first new cast member announced as Cara Delevingne, hit model and star of Amazon Prime show Carnival Row. Delevingne is joining the cast as Alice, who is a regular described as: “a sophisticated art-world insider who becomes enmeshed in the mystery.

Only Murders in the Building is available now on Hulu in the United States and Disney+ in the UK and surrounding territories.

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