Who is the infamous new vampire Aurora de Martel in Legacies?

Fans were shocked to see Rebecca Breeds reprise her role as Aurora de Martel on Legacies. For those who are not fans of the wider TVDUniverse, however, they may be confused about who Aurora is and what she has to do with Hope.

Aurora first appeared in the eighth episode of Legacies when it was revealed that she was working with Triad Industries.

Who is Aurora?

Played by the talented Rebecca Breeds, Aurora is an ancient vampire and the first vampire ever sired by Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt). Breeds is joining the Legacies cast as a recurring character after previously serving the same role on The Originals.

Whilst the first vampire Rebekah sired, her involvement with the Mikaelson family is much more extensive than this. She first met the Mikaelson family in 1002, Southern France, when they took refuge with the de Martel family.

She would later begin a romantic relationship with none other than Klaus Mikaelson, Hope’s father. Yes, this guy has had a long and extensive love life.

Aurora was later forbidden to be with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) by her brother, Tristan, and as a result, attempted suicide; she was saved when Rebekah fed her vampire blood.

Aurora’s attempted suicide (Credit: The Vampire Diaries Wiki)

Not long after, Aurora jumped to her death in the de Martel castle, thereby beginning her transition into a vampire and becoming the first vampire sired by Rebekah.

What Happened to Aurora de Martel?

Aurora would later reunite with the Mikaelson family in New Orleans a thousand years later amidst the brink of a war between the three sirelines (Klaus’, Elijah’s, Rebekah’s). Honestly, it’s an interesting part of the Mikaelson history and I’d recommend anyone checking out The Originals if they’re looking for more information.

Despite their thousand years apart, Aurora largely remained fixated and in love with Klaus. This was a little weird to me, surely she should’ve moved on? Nonetheless, Klaus didn’t seem keen on returning the feelings.

After weeks of toying with Klaus, Aurora’s plan eventually came to a head and she attempted to kill Klaus with the bullets of the White Oak Tree. As always, this attempt on Klaus’ life was foiled by dear old Elijah.

Aurora eventually tries to one-up the Mikaelson’s and attempts to become an Upgraded Original Vampire by ingesting Lucien’s serum. She largely fails at this and is captured by the Mikaelson’s.

As a result of her actions, she is subdued and, for the most part, this marked her final appearance in the TVDUniverse. It’s interesting to see her return, though.

Aurora’s return

Aurora de Martel (Rebecca Breeds) and Hope (Daniel Rose Russell) come face-to-face (Credit: The CW)
Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) and Hope (Daniel Rose Russell) come face-to-face (Credit: The CW)

It’s not at all surprising to see Aurora return in her attempt to exact revenge on the Mikaelson’s. It could be argued that she has chosen to pick on the wrong Mikaelson, however.

What do you think about Aurora and her character? She is definitely going to cause a lot of trouble for Hope and shake things up a bit.

Written by Luke Rigby

Luke has been writing television and movie recaps for years. He enjoys writing about CW shows in particular and media released on demand rather than on live TV. He is from the UK, so coverage is iffy.

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