Who Killed Bunny Folger in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 2?

Only Murders in the Building season 2 returned this week with the first two episodes airing on Hulu and Disney+ internationally.

Whilst season 1 of the hit show was dominated by the unravelling of the murder of Tim Kono — which was eventually revealed to be Jan Bellows, for those catching up — the mystery of the second season is the murder of none other than Bunny Folger, the President of the Arconia’s board.

Whilst trying to figure out who killed Tim was interesting and complex for us viewers, Bunny may have just been the most hated character in the entire show, therefore figuring out who killed her is going to be even more difficult. Nonetheless, there are certain faces, both new and old, who could be responsible for her death.

The Investigators

Whilst it certainly is possible, it’s unlikely that any of the three investigators were responsible for Bunny’s death. The end of season 1 was tricky for Mabel Mora, who found herself the prime suspect when she was found hovering over Bunny’s dead body with her knitting needle protruding from her back.

Things are made even more difficult for Mabel when it is revealed that she had a recurrent dream of someone chasing her and she stabbed them in the back with her knitting needle; very odd, but likely just a red herring in the investigation.

Things are also not looking up for Charles-Haden Savage, either, and someone seems to be out to frame him for Bunny’s murder too when Bunny’s erotic painting — containing none other than Charles’ father — ends up in his apartment shortly after her death.

At this moment in time, Oliver seems relatively safe and nobody seems to be trying to pin the murder on him just yet.

Nina Lin

Nina Lin, the new president of the Arconia's board (Credit: HULU)
Nina Lin, the new president of the Arconia’s board (Credit: HULU)

Nina Lin is perhaps one of the more interesting new-comers to the cast of Only Murders in the Building season 2. She is the new president of the Arconia’s board, but Howard warns that nothing is what it seems with her — she’s power hungry, and is perhaps more dangerous than Bunny herself.

Little is currently known about Nina Lin, and it is possible that she is little more than a red herring and has nothing to do with Bunny’s murder. Nobody can be ruled out at this point, however, especially given Howard’s comments about Nina being power hungry.

Howard Morris

Despite fading into the background a little at the end of season 1, Howard Morris is not to be forgotten as a possible suspect in Bunny’s death.

Howard arrives at Charles’ door to invite Charles, Mabel, and Oliver to Bunny’s memorial and has a strange, but unexplained black eye upon arrival. When asked about it, Howard remarks that he fell, but his story doesn’t seem concrete and its possible that he got the injury in a fight with Bunny leading up to her death — still, that would be a little obvious, so this seems unlikely at this point.

There’s always that old saying that the murderer always attends the funeral/memorial, so there are more signs pointing to Howard being at least somewhat involved in Bunny’s death. Howard and Uma also take an interest in the exotic painting from Bunny’s apartment, with the two of them trying to collect the art at the end of the first episode given it is worth close to $1,000,000. There’s definitely financial incentive there for Howard’s involvement in Bunny’s death, then.

Alice Banks

Alice Banks, the Art Gallery owner (Credit: HULU)
Alice Banks, the Art Gallery owner (Credit: HULU)

One of the newcomers, Alice Banks, played by none other than Cara Delevingne, is also one of the prime suspects in the murder. Whilst she isn’t a resident of the Arconia and therefore has no connection with it, or any real reason to want to kill Bunny, her position as an Art Gallery owner is suspicious.

Obviously, we know by now that the exotic painting Bunny owned was worth quite a bit of money, so it is possible that Alice wanted to get her hands on this to complete her collection therefore there does appear to be a bit of motivation for her involvement in Bunny’s death.

She also seems pretty keen to grow closer with Mabel which is a bit suspicious. Could it be that she wants to keep tabs on their investigation and influence it in some way? This would be similar to Jan’s involvement in Tim Kono’s murder in the first season.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer in season 2 (Credit: HULU)
Amy Schumer in season 2 (Credit: HULU)

Amy Schumer, the famous comedian and actress, plays a fictional, comedic version of herself in the second season of the show. She’s taken over Sting’s penthouse apartment on the 14th floor and wishes to purchase the rights for the podcast to make her own show.

Whilst Amy hasn’t outright provided any information that would indicate that she could be a potential suspect, this is exactly why we’re thinking she could potentially be the killer. She’s flying under the radar and that is particularly dangerous for the investigators.

We’re excited to delve deeper into the possibilities of who could’ve killed Bunny as the show continues. For now, Only Murders in the Building is available now for streaming on Hulu and Disney+ internationally, with new episodes releasing weekly.

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Written by Luke Rigby

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