Who Killed Bunny Folger? ‘Only Murders in the Building’ reveals mystery

The second season of Only Murders in the Building has focused around the trio of investigators solving the murder of Bunny Folger, the president of the Arconia’s Tenant Board. Finally, the season two finale has revealed who killed Bunny and the reason why.

The Finale contained a plethora of red herrings and other elements meant to guide viewers away from guessing who the real killer was. It has, however been revealed that Bunny’s killer was none other than Poppy WhiteCinda Canning’s assistant. In the previous episode, it was revealed that Poppy is actually an alias used by none other than Becky Butler, whose death appeared as the focus of the All is Not OK in Oklahoma.

The previous episode further explains that Becky was fan of Cinda’s work and, as a result, faked her death and left Oklahoma, thus giving Cinda the idea for the podcast. In return, Becky asked for a job.

Why Did Becky Kill Bunny in Only Murders in the Building?

Becky Butler/Poppy White (Credit: HULU)
Becky Butler, or Poppy White? (Credit: HULU)

Becky’s actions in murdering Bunny all revolve around Cinda and her desire to cover something juicy for her podcast. Becky initially suggests covering the disappearance of Rose Cooper, but Cinda has little interest in this and pushes the idea to the side. As a result, Becky — or Poppy — takes matters into her own hands and kills Bunny, thus giving them a murder to cover.

Becky is pretty clever, and after killing Bunny, texts the investigators to get out before escaping through the tunnels. She hides the bloody knife in Charles‘ room, which she also accesses through the tunnels. The whole mystery around Glitter Guy is also solved, and it is revealed that Detective Kreps ran interference for Becky, posing as Glitter Guy given the two are dating.

The finale also ties up some other loose ends and questions that fans may have: Becky was the one Bunny met at the diner before her death, the two discussed the Rose Cooper Painting. This also links with Bunny’s last words, which were “14, sandwich”, not “14, Savage”, as fans were originally led to believe. This links to item 14 on the Pickle Diner’s menu, a liverwurst and marmalade sandwich — it wouldn’t be our choice, but each to their own.

Mrs. Gambolini is also a huge clue. Becky’s allergy to birds (such as Mrs. Gambolini), led Becky to sneeze in the tunnels of the Arconia shortly after committing the murder, and thus, it was Becky that Lucy heard in the tunnels. Furthermore, Detective Williams also found Becky’s DNA on the murder weapon, which would’ve been a surprise, if it had not already been revealed that Becky and Poppy are one and the same. With all of the pieces collected — much like Mabel and her puzzles — the investigators stage a killer reveal party and tell Cinda everything. It seems, on this occasion, she was blissfully unaware of Becky’s actions and was actually innocent all of this time.

Another death?

It wouldn’t be Only Murders in the Building without another death to tie the season together and jumpstart the next season, would it?

The finale sees the introduction of Ben Glenroy one-year after the events of Bunny’s murder. He is the star of a new broadway show directed by Oliver, but dies immediately on stage during the opening night. What is clear from the moments leading up to this, however, is that Ben had a hatred for Charles and told Oliver that he wanted to kill him — is Charles responsible for Ben’s death? There’s certainly more than meets the eye here.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for season 3 to find out. In the meantime, keep up to date with everything related to Only Murders in the Building over at the OMITB Wiki.

Written by Luke Rigby

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