Connect With Your Community
What is Wiki+
Wiki+ is the FREE, official wiki partnership programme from Telepedia to connect television studios and game developers to their communities. We achieve this through the curation of high quality wikis with little effort from developers and studios. All that is required is a few graphical assets, and thus, comes at no cost to developers and studios.

Wikis have long been the place communities look for information about current television shows or games that they’re interested in; sometimes, they just want a place to chat and see what others are thinking about recent releases. There’s no denying that the first things fans ask for when a release occurs is a wiki!
Why Choose Telepedia
Hope Mikaelson from Legacies Telepedia will work with you and your input and ideas and use this input to create a polished and professional wiki for your community — all at no cost to you; it’s free, forever. Our mission is to create comprehensive, community-friendly wikis through the generation of polished sites in an effort to build a foundation for passionate fans and communities. The hope is that these communities inherit the wiki and continue developing and growing in the future.

Wiki+ also includes access to both Google Search Console and Google Analytics for your wiki! With this, you can monitor how your community is engaging with the wiki, both in terms of traffic and contributions. It also allows you to see exactly what people were looking for when they stumbled across your wiki.
Our Services
Sabine from Citizen Sleeper Our staff are not just highly trained, but they’re passionate fans too! It’s a win-win situation, they’re passionate about the same things as you! Our staff have had years of experience working with wikis, whether this is building them, managing them, or even editing them as editors and forming communities.

Telepedia is a fully-featured wiki platform running MediaWiki, the same core technology as Wikipedia. This allows us access to thousands of extensions and new features as they come along. What’s even better, we give communities access to modify their wikis how they chose through a pretty-nifty interface — this includes enabling and disabling extensions at will, creating and editing namespaces, and even management over permissions (including the ability to create new user groups!) This is something that other platforms — we won’t mention names — don’t allow.
Our Wikis